What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a research study that determines how safe a new treatment is, and how that treatment may work in people. A clinical trial is done to find new ways to manage your disease with:

Is a clinical trial right for me?

Choosing to be part of a trial is a personal decision. You should discuss the option with your doctor and loved ones. Remember that if you participate:

  • You have rights and protections.
  • Your safety and well-being are always your doctor’s top priority.
  • You will be treated with the same respect as all other participants.
  • You may stop participating at any time.

Your doctor or their staff may not mention clinical trials during your visit. This does not mean that you cannot join one. Ask your doctor or his staff about clinical trial options.

Who is able to join a trial?

Each trial has guidelines that determine if a person can take part in it.

One set of guidelines is called “inclusion criteria.” You must meet the criteria to join a trial.

The other set is called “exclusion criteria.” These would prevent you from joining a trial.

The Possible Benefis of Participating

You will be watched very closely. Perhaps even more closely than if you were not in a trial.

you may be the first to benefit from the new treatment if it is found to be helpful.

The standard treatments available today are the result of people participating in clinical trials.

What are the costs of participating?

The group paying for the study is called the sponsor. The sponsor often provides the new treatment at no cost to the participants. The sponsor may also pay for special testing or extra doctor visits. Some sponsors may also cover transportation costs. Your costs for joining a trial can vary.

The Possible Risks of Participating

All treatments have side effects, and the new treatment may have risks or side effects that the doctors did not know about.

The new treatment may not be as effective as standard care, or may not be effective at all.

The new treatment may not work for you, even if it has worked in others.